Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kai's Triathlon

Kai participated in a kid's triathlon today. It was awesome! I must admit that we were supposed to be training together for this day, and I dropped out for several reasons, which I might get to later. The distances for the kids were definitely attainable, but I'm just so proud of the effort that Kai put into the whole thing. Once we got to the event, I really wish I was participating. The energy there is just so contagious, and the athlete in me misses this competitive environment.  I guess I might be living vicariously through my daughter, but really, I think she enjoys this kind of thing just as I do. I would say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, but I forget sometimes that the saying doesn't even apply. No genetic relation, but this kid is just like me! All four of us were there, and we were all pretty anxious for our little triathlete. She and I both thought it was pretty cool when she got her racer number and age "marked" on her legs and arms by one of the race officials, and pinning her number onto her bike and her t-shirt were exciting too. After the announcer went through the expectations and process of the transition areas, the race was about to begin. Because she was one of the younger participants, she and a handful of other kids got to go first. I could feel her heart pounding through her chest when I hugged her good luck, and stood by her as she jumped into the pool for her 25 meter swim. She was so nervous and breathing so hard that she dog paddled the last third of the swim. She climbed out of the pool where I waited and we ran to the bike transition area. Hubby had laid out her towel, clothes and shoes by her bike before the race, so we were all set. Realizing a towel was a ridiculous item to have in this area, she threw on her t-shirt and shorts while I put her shoes on and tied her shoe-laces. Glasses and helmet came next, and dripping wet she clambered onto her bike. Her old bike was too small for her, but it was a better choice than her new bike, which was too big for her. She had to pedal extra fast on this bike to go as fast as some of the kids she was grouped with, and that she did. Her little feet went around and around, 3 times around the track, all while Joel and I were running from side to side taking pictures and cheering her on. And then it was time to run. I have never seen her run that fast, really, ever! More pictures, this time only 1 lap around the track and Baby Girl was done with her first triathlon! She was beaming as they put a medal around her neck at the finish line. She was so tired, but truly proud of herself. Later that day she played in a soccer game, and so she slept really hard that night. Surprisingly, the next morning she was asking when the next kid triathlon was going to be. I hope to be there as a participant. I would really like for this to be something we do together. I just wish the adult distances were more like the kid race. Training for the running and biking I can do in my neighborhood, with Baby Boy in tow, but the pool part is a little difficult, not to mention my lower back issues. I really do miss the competition; getting nervous at the beginning, and feeling victorious at the end of races and games... I'm so happy to see that my daughter enjoys those same feelings. I look forward to being a spectator for lots of sporting events in which my daughter is out there, loving life like I used to. I still love life, in a very different way.

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