Thursday, July 1, 2010

Waiting... AGAIN!!!

And the wait goes on... this time we're waiting for travel approval from China. I've been going nuts for the last 4 days checking my e-mail and my agency website every 20 minutes or less, sometimes rushing home from being out and about! I don't remember the wait for travel approval being this long with Kai. And you would think that these updated pictures would help me get through this wait... but it actually just makes it worse. It validates that Joshua is getting older and bigger, and I can't stand the thought of him being motherless any longer.

We did get some preliminary information today stating that we would more than likely get travel approval within the next few days, and be traveling on the July 14th or July 21st. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it turns out to be the 14th for two reasons. 1) I will be away from my kids an extra week if we don't go until the 21st due to a family reunion they will be attending with my family, and 2) I can't wait to have my baby boy in my arms! 


  1. Gosh, he is so cute; I don't blame you for just wanting to cuddle him. I'll cross my fingers for the 14th for you.

  2. Joshua is so cute. Praying for the 14th.

  3. What a Cutie! Hope that you can travel very very soon!