Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Joshua Day!

Waiting in the lobby of the hotel, anxious to walk over to the Civil Affairs Office building, I thought about the day we received Kai. I remember how BIG she was, and how active she was, but most especially how happy she was. I kept preparing myself for the worst this time, for there's no way we could end up with 2 "smiling, happy, Buddha babies" (this was the term Marie used for Kai 5 years ago)! As we rode up the elevator, I became short of breath, and I could feel my heart racing. There were only 3 families this trip, as opposed to 13 the last time, so I knew it would be less chaotic in the Civil Affairs Office. What I didn't realize was that it was still going to take a long time to get my baby, because the hand-off of the babies was long and drawn out, allowing the new parents to ask questions of the nanny, through our guide. Our turn was last! While we waited we kept trying to get Joshua's attention, waving at him and saying Ni Hao. The same thing happened with him as with Kai; He was active and looking around everywhere, moving his glance quickly to all the unfamiliar things in this room, but when he finally made eye contact with me he stopped and stared, and then smiled at me. Just as with Kai, I think he somehow knew who I was. I believe in this long red thread that the Chinese say connect souls. I believe my children were destined to be mine

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