Sunday, June 6, 2010

We're Gonna Have a Baby soon!

I've been telling people for months that as we get closer to the end of our wait, the timeline becomes more predictable, and that it looks like June is when we will get our referral. It's June, people! When did it get here? Wow, I hadn't even thought about the actual referral in over a month. I mean, I have been preparing little by little for our little one, and I know in the back of my mind that the referral is getting close, but wow. My friend, who started following the rumors online a few months ago, just pointed out to me that "Rumor Queen" ( is getting rumors of referrals and what dates are included. The cut-off date looks like it's going to be April 26, which includes our LID.  I couldn't even think straight when this was brought to my attention. My heart started pounding immediately. I shouldn't have been surprised because I knew it was coming. I just kind of lost track of time, I guess. Poor 3rd child! During our wait for Kai, I was on the rumor sites daily, and I knew to the hour when we would be receiving our call. I didn't have swim team, and soccer, and playdates then to keep me busy and thinking about other things. I guess I need to clean out the guest room this week, and get hubby to paint it next weekend... because we're gonna have a baby soon!!!!

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